Professional Stitching

Professional Stitching Services

We have contract with specialized stitching unit having highly trained and innovative professionals to tailor your dresses as per your design requirements. They are specifically trained for designer dresses of all kinds within short span of time.

We are committed to customer satisfaction with quality oriented sewing and finishing of outfits as per the model pictures and according to customer’s custom requisites. Our capacity is minimum 10-15 dresses a day however we can extend limit to meet customer timelines. Kindly note that capacity remains the same or little higher volume but the timeline given to customer for specific order always depend upon the rush and work load. Especially, timelines go longer on occasions like Eid festivals, wedding season etc.

Please be advised of the bitter facts about replicas, that there could be more than sufficient fabric to meet all sizes mentioned in our size chart however, we incurred cases as well where we even couldn’t meet the sizes of the size chart due to limited fabric provided by manufacturer. So in that case, we notify customers about the change in size especially for the shop owners to change to any small size and also to end users to change design that could meet size of the given measurements.

Please visit our stitching sample pics here -> Stitching Samples

Feel free to write 24/7 to whatsapp/viber or direct call to 00923368463801 or Email :

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