Terms and Conditions

Replicas and their display pictures

We always try to display open fabric pictures of the replica dresses along-with model pics and we try sending the same dress once ordered however, there could be variations due to availability of dresses in different times. Whatever case, we always send best of the market dresses available at that time when ordered. Our dresses are purely quality oriented as we inspect each cloth from corner to corner for any damages, holes, embroidery missing or any laces missing comparing to open fabric pic we displayed. We do also take care of the color combinations that should match or near to the original dresses. So no matter if we are sending dresses other than the display pic, you would always be getting dresses up to the best standards.

Order Delivery to Retail Customers

Your order will be delivered at your mentioned shipping address within 24-72 hours for local Pakistani customers and within the period of 3-7 Working days for overseas customers (Depending upon availability of the dresses as per our communication with customers). We deliver our retail products through best local couriers for local customers and by Air cargo services for overseas customers. There are no quantity limitations for retail customers as you can buy from single piece to any higher quantity.

Order Delivery to Wholesale Customers

For wholesale customers, delivery time depends mainly upon required product quantity, its availability and the delivery mode selected. We do deliver within the span of 3-10 Working days for available products and 7-30 days or higher for products which are out of stock or out of manufacturing season. Minimum quantity required for wholesale is 50 products however, you may order a 10 pieces as well for sampling purpose on some discounted rate. Please note that sea shipments could take longer and span might be from 10 days to 30 days period depending upon locations.

Please note that after agreed payment terms and order confirmation, it takes 24 to 72 hours to arrange the order for shipment because it sometime happens that we receive multiple payments for same products that could be available for one but may become unavailable for other and in that case we have to arrange it from market. Even for the available products, we generally take 24 to 72hrs to re-inspect product to ensure quality for own satisfaction and customer interest.

Product Availability
Since replica demand is on its climax nowadays, it sometime happens that we receive multiple payments for same products that could be available for one customer who paid first but may become unavailable for other and in that case we have to arrange it from market. Furthermore, if the product is not available even in market, customer has to either select alternate product or we shall refund the amount paid for the same.

Products as per Displayed Fabric Pics
We generally send products as per picture displayed on our website or fb page however, it could have variations due to new lot or change of manufacturer but still we never compromise our quality and the customers would always receive best of market product available at that time. Please note that we keep the things transparent for our customers and we don’t send product which is never displayed on our website or fb page unless a new arrival at the same instant. We understand some terms our strict but these are the facts about replicas due to higher demand nowadays.

Bitter Facts About Replicas
Besides replicas are enchanting, cheaper and of higher demands, there are bitter facts about replica business and replica itself. Like produced replicas are near to originals, these could be sometime better than original where regular economical price catalogs concerned, sometime equal but sometime have certain variations that could include difference in design and even in color as well. Whatever case these are of adequate standard quality which looks stunning and worth-wearing.

Another fact that replica is after all a replica, it cannot replace equally the product of the price over 1-Lac of some catalogs and sometime even the quality of product costing below 1-Lac. So, please keep in mind that you’re buying economical stuff in reasonable price.

One more fact that, replicas are of good quality where tops/shirts and dupattas are concerned, but fabric of trouser sometime packaged with low standard material but since it comes in package from manufacturer, we have to forward the same until and unless clients advise us to changes it with quality material having extra charges paid by customers.

Last but not the least fact is, replicas sometime don’t come with enough fabric to meet the style of certain designs but just to give a look of the same. For example some original model wearing pics have style of vast wider sleeve bell bottom but replica would come with the fabric that’ll not go that wider. Same goes with shararas and ghararas.

Payment Policy
At the moment we are taking advance payments only and payment mode is always given only through our cell number 00923368463801 and no other number is used so far for order bookings. For booking of dresses, we don’t consider any order as booked unless we receive payment from customer.

Product Return Policy

Apparently there is no return or exchange for replica products however in certain conditions. Our inspection team always inspects product thoroughly and leaves no stone un-turned in providing quality furnished products however, there might be an over-sight due to work load and after investigation, we may exchange any such pieces with deep apologize for inconvenience. Please note that exchange is not guaranteed however, we may mutually settle down any possible adjustments that could avoid or minimize loss to any party. Please also note that replica products have certain conditions and we strongly advise to read our full Product Return Policy to avoid any conflict or inconvenience.

Tailoring/Stitching Services

Stitching and Tailoring services could be arranged on-demand and we stitch dresses with care and core concentration however, loss of dress (s) in case of any unforeseen accidents i.e fire, robbery etc would lead to no return and no compensation. We stick with the measurements provided by customers however, additional charges would apply for any change or alterations requested after sales. Please note that replicas are manufactured by different companies come in different sizes and the sizes mostly based on the model pic. So please keep in mind whenever asking for longer shirts of the short length style dresses that it would not be much longer but may be extended to a bit longer length than model pic.

Please be advised of the bitter facts about replicas, that there could be more than sufficient fabric to meet all sizes mentioned in our size chart however, we incurred cases as well where we even couldn’t meet the sizes of the size chart due to limited fabric provided by manufacturer. So in that case, we notify customers about the change in size especially for the shop owners to change to any small size and also to end users to change design that could meet size of the given measurements.

Contacting Us

Should you require any assistance or have further queries or questions, please feel free to drop an email to info@masterreplicapk.com or call us directly on cell 0092 3368463801 whatsapp/viber.

Last Updated: June, 2019