Professional Stitching

professional stitching

Professional Stitching Services
Before we speak about anything, let’s first understand what exactly professional stitching is?
Professional stitching means that clothes are not merely stitched but finished well with standardized quality approach. It includes lining fabric, dori piping, insertion of accessories (stones/pearls, laces or latkans etc), size tagging, branding, overlocking and dupatta preparations (cutwork, peco, ribbon, laces whatever required as per model pic). Finally most important thing is applique of embroidery patched through embroidery expert and not by just a tailor. Then finishing outfit with crimping of extra threads, ironing clothes & decently packing in zipper bags.

It is in fact not a street stitching, neither karkhana stitching and nor private tailor stitching, it is done by a team of highly trained professional tailors, quality oriented finishing helpers and concentratedly inspected by quality supervisors.

We have own stitching unit with highly trained and innovative professionals to tailor your dresses as per your design requirements. They are specifically trained for designer dresses of all kinds and to finish work within the given span of time. We are not specific to stitch only designer dresses, but we have expertise in tailoring custom designs of Pakistani, Indian, and Western style dresses in any fabric. We excel in designer, party wear, and bridal as well as regular and casual wear dresses.

We are committed to customer satisfaction with quality oriented sewing and finishing of outfits as per the model pictures and according to customer’s custom requisites. Our capacity is minimum 10-15 dresses a day for each customer however we are very flexible to extend our capacity to meet higher quantity customer demands and timelines.


Feel free to contact 24/7 our whatsapp/viber/imo 00923368463801, make a direct call  or Email : [email protected]